Mentoring Skills Prompt Cards

This set of Prompt Cards for Mentoring is designed for small to medium sized businesses that want to build mentoring through the business with authentic and genuine conversations and relationships. It cultivates leadership abilities, enhances communication and builds a collaborative culture, increasing engagement, upskilling and professional development.

The Prompt Cards will:

  • Develop mentors to have confidence in building effective mentor relationships
  • Upskill mentors to confidently transfer knowledge and support growth
  • Build a driven culture of empowering others and collaboration success
  • Create well-rounded and comprehensive employee experience

Ideal for: 

  • Businesses that want to give structure to professional development and create genuine mentor pathways
  • Teams that need guidance on how to mentor and to confidently nurture these skills
  • Businesses that want to align current mentoring initiatives and build consistency and structure to create formal mentoring pathways
  • Ideal for businesses in these industries: Financial services, Healthcare, Retail, Technology and telecommunications, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality and tourism, Energy, Construction, Creative and media, Agriculture, Transport and logistics


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