Challenging Conversations Prompt Cards

This set of Prompt Cards for Challenging Conversations is designed for small to medium sized businesses that equips managers, or people with employee responsibilities, with communication techniques to navigate challenging conversations and situations effectively.

The Prompt Cards will:

  • Promote a transparent and constructive culture, encouraging empathy and open dialogue
  • Upskill managers and employees to confidently have difficult discussions
  • Build a driven culture of transparent success and intrinsic trust
  • Create well-rounded and comprehensive employee experience

Ideal for: 

  • Business that want to enhance their conflict resolution skills, encourage empathy, promoting constructive conversations and improving communication through the business
  • Leadership teams wanting to enhance manager, mentor and supervisor skills for providing feedback and managing conflicts
  • Ideal for businesses in these industries: Financial services, Healthcare, Retail, Technology and telecommunications, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality and tourism, Energy, Construction, Creative and media, Agriculture, Transport and logistics


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