Managing Underperformance Prompt Cards

This set of Prompt Cards for Managing Underperformance is crucial for businesses focused on employee experience to ensure productivity and morale, whilst also maintaining a high-performance culture with positivity and transparent communication. Addressing underperformance is critical to building a culture of engagement, accountability and continuous improvement.

The Prompt Cards will:

  • Develop management skill to address issues and concerns constructively and effectively
  • Ensure consistent approach towards performance management throughout the business
  • Reduce misunderstandings through clear and effective communication
  • Encourage a culture of continuous improvement, feedback and transparency

Ideal for: 

  • Businesses that want to give structure to professional development and create genuine mentor pathways
  • Teams that need guidance on how to mentor and to confidently nurture these skills
  • Businesses that want to align current mentoring initiatives and build consistency and structure to create formal mentoring pathways
  • Ideal for businesses in these industries: Financial services, Healthcare, Retail, Technology and telecommunications, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality and tourism, Energy, Construction, Creative and media, Agriculture, Transport and logistics


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