Active Listening Skills for Meetings Prompt Cards

This set of Prompt Cards for Active Listening Skills are designed for small to medium sized businesses that are focussed on building clear communication, building trust and enhancing collaboration. By developing active listening skills. Managers and leaders can understand concerns, feedback and issues, support team development whilst building a positive and inclusive working environment in the business.

The Prompt Cards will:

  • Build effective and positive relationships with teams and their managers
  • Upskill managers to actively listen and gain confidence in conflict resolution and problem-solving
  • Ensure employee communication, concerns and needs are listened to, recognised and acted upon
  • Create well-rounded and comprehensive employee experience

Ideal for: 

  • Businesses that want to give structure to professional development and create genuine mentor pathways
  • Teams that need guidance on how to mentor and to confidently nurture these skills
  • Businesses that want to align current mentoring initiatives and build consistency and structure to create formal mentoring pathways
  • Ideal for businesses in these industries: Financial services, Healthcare, Retail, Technology and telecommunications, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality and tourism, Energy, Construction, Creative and media, Agriculture, Transport and logistics


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